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Ivanti Interchange 2019 US
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SML620 - Advanced Deployment Methodology for Ivanti Service Manager Learn how to set up and configure different methods of deployment when working with Ivanti Service Manager. 2 Hours Lab Paul Shields
Stephanie Orange
SML610 - Advanced Ivanti Service Desk This lab will be focused on carrying a level of automation and customisation, in the form of updating user data, such as Location, Manager, Phone etc. as well as offering the customer some personal preferences. This will cover methods such as: Enabling end users to request an update to their data via a Request Offering in the Service Catalogue, enabling options when logging tickets to set data as default for them, updating their user record and enabling a user to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ of receiving email notifications from Service Desk For each method will discuss the pro’s and con’s of such approaches and design/implementation considerations and how to carry out the necessary design steps to implement such functionality 2 Hours Lab Nephi Wolf
SML600 - Advanced Ivanti Service Manager This lab will focus on the latest enhancements in Ivanti Service Manager. As well as walking through best practice scenarios and configurations, we will also discuss and discover tips and tricks to help streamline and automate your Ivanti Service Manager environment. 2 Hours Lab Mark Hodgen
Jeff Hance
UEMB300 - Agent, Agentless, and Cloud Agent: Dive into Agent Technologies, Configurations, and Best Practices Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager allows you to perform actions on the device once an agent is deployed. This session highlights agent configurations, settings, and best practices, with an emphasis on changes in the current version. We'll go over what you need to know about agent settings, RBA, and how to extend and customize through INI. 1 Hour Breakout Mark Bastin
Blake Thompson
SCB250 - Anatomy of an advanced persistent threat: How it works and how do you win? In 20 years cyber threats have gotten more sophisticated, but the tactics remain much the same. That's actually a good thing, because it means we know how attackers get in, what they're looking for, and how you can keep them out and protect data and confidential information. Join us as we examine the toolkit of the attacker, take a closer look at organizations' soft underbellies, and talk the steps to take to protect yourself from the attack methodologies out there. 1 Hour Breakout Chris Goettl
UEMB250 - Apple Device Management: Manage Your Apple devices, macOS, iOS, and more. With the introduction of Mojave, Apple is well on the way to making major changes in how you manage all things Apple. These changes force anyone using macOS to rethink how they manage security, provisioning, and configuration. This session will look at new features in Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager (I-UEM) that will help you get in step with Apple when managing Apple devices. We will look at changes in how I-UEM integrates agent functions with Apples Mobile Device Management system more seamlessly than ever before. Come learn how this integration enhances your ability to enroll, provision, and configure all your Apple devices. 1 Hour Breakout Steve Goodrich
Jason Forsgren
AML420 - Asset Manager: get hands-on with the new asset management solution Get your first walk through the various functions of Asset Manager, using example data, including Vendor Management, Contract Management, the Product Catalog, the Asset Repository and Dashboarding & Reporting. 1.25 Hours Lab Brett Gulla
Paul Finkenauer
Todd Hogan
AMB110 - Asset Manager: Optimize use and performance of your IT assets and contracts from purchase, to de-commissioning 53% of all data loss and systems downtime is caused by hardware failure. Managing your hardware effectively across its life cycle will help reduce hardware related performance issues and downtime. In this session, you will get an overview of the new Ivanti Asset Manager solution to effectively manage your assets across their lifecycle from purchase to decommissioning, and gain insights into critical capabilities to better manage your assets, contracts, and vendors. 1 Hour Breakout Paul Finkenauer
Arlen Beylerian
SCL610 - Automating the new Ivanti Security Controls Come learn how to automate many of your day-to-day operations, saving considerable time and effort. Join this lab to use Ivanti Security Controls' REST and PowerShell APIs to integrate our security capabilities into automation workflows. 2 Hours Lab Sara Otremba
Brian Secrist
Brent Miller
SCB240 - Better security with advanced telemetry. See what we've got going in the cloud Come learn about Ivanti's new patch analytics tool--a first for the industry--and how it helps manage the risks associated with patching while maximizing rollout speed. See how we provide early insights into patch stability and reliability to help you optimize your patching workflows. 1 Hour Breakout Robin Rowe
314145 - Breakfast in Interchange Solutions Center Breakfast in Interchange Solutions Center 1hr 30 min Conference Activities
SML410 - Building Your First Service in Ivanti Service Manager A guide to getting started with creating your own services within Ivanti Service Manager 1.25 Hours Lab Michael Skinner
UEML595 - BYO Mac: Bring Your Macs and We'll Work Through the Ins and Outs of Mac Management In this lab we'll take you through all the different ways to improve your Mac management skills including, setting up the new end user portal, provisioning new Macs, patching the Mac, managing profiles, performing remote control, and a few other tips and tricks. Please note that this is an interactive lab and will require you to bring a Mac running at least macOS 10.13.6 or greater. 2 Hours Lab Aaron Day
UWML510 - Cache Roaming for Outlook, OneDrive and other Applications Ivanti Environment Manager can create “follow-me” VHD files to roam large caches for Outlook, Outlook Search, Windows Search and other applications. This hands-on lab will lead you through the process of setting up a file share, configuring a policy, and testing that policy. You’ll implement VHD cache roaming from start to finish. 1.25 Hours Lab Randal Barger
Ben Hazzard
SPS200 - CDW: Setting Expectations: Challenges and Truths of ITAM Strategy

Coming soon.

1 Hour Breakout Sandy Marguerite
Randi Coughlin
314163 - Closing Keynote & Grand Prize Giveaway Closing Keynote & Grand Prize Giveaway 75min Conference Activities
UWMB100 - Closing the Feature Gaps between Ivanti Workspace Control and User Workspace Manager Workshop covering how to migrate from RES ONE Workspace (now Ivanti Workspace Control) to Ivanti User Workspace Manager. Learn from one of our partners about the benefits of a migration and the options you have as an organization to get there. This session will cover key questions: - How do I perform real-time application whitelisting? - How do I do a desktop refresh? - How do I publish App-V apps? - How do I achieve cache roaming for non-persistent desktops? 1 Hour Breakout Gerko Veen
Mike Cobussen
Dennis Dam
314148 - Coffee Break in the Interchange Solutions Center Coffee Break in the Interchange Solutions Center 30 min Conference Activities
314150 - Coffee & Snack Break Coffee & Snack Break 45 min Conference Activities
314158 - Coffee & Snack Break (Wed) Coffee & Snack Break (Wed) 30 min Conference Activities
314159 - Conference Party Conference Party 4 hr Conference Activities
SML510 - Configuring Self Service in Ivanti Service Manager for a Great End User Experience How to give your users the best experience by providing them with the tools that they need to be productive. See how to create and configure great self service functionality in your environment. 1.25 Hours Lab Nick Gehr
David Iannotti
UEML570 - Create Real-Time Custom Reports and Dashboards Quickly with Xtraction In this lab you'll learn to set up Xtraction to display data from multiple Ivanti products. You'll also learn to connect to other data resources outside Ivanti and then create the best dashboards for the type of data you plan to display. 1.25 Hours Lab Gregg Smith
SPS220 - Crowdstrike: The 1/10/60 Minute Challenge: Defenders Win, Adversaries Lose Responding to Incidents within the “Breakout Time” Window

CrowdStrike's  2018 Global Threat Report details how adversaries typically dwell for 1 hour and 58minutes before taking action after they've initially gained access to a machine. This "Breakout time", is all the time until an intruder jumps from the machine that’s initially compromised and moves laterally through your network.

This is a crucial window to stop the breach, but is not the only metric you need to know. When an attack is in progress, you have on average of one minute to detect it, 10 minutes to understand it and one hour to contain it. Is your organization ready to meet the 1/10/60 minute challenge?

Join CrowdStrike security experts for an important, in-depth discussion of the common hurdles organizations face in establishing an effective IR process. You will also learn how next-gen technology including endpoint detection and response (EDR) can help you overcome them.

Attend this session to hear CrowdStrike experts discuss:

  • What breakout time is and what it means for defenders that are responding to attacks in real time
  • How the incident response process unfolds and the barriers that keep organizations from mounting a rapid and efficient response
  • The key steps you can take to improve your organization’s ability to rapidly detect, investigate and remediate threats
  • Best practices for preventing, detecting in less than 1 minute, analyzing in less than 10 minutes, and responding in less than 60 minutes to stop adversaries

When you can detect, analyze, and recover before the 1 hour and 58 minutes from initial compromise, you WIN, and the adversaries LOSE!

30 minutes Breakout
AMB210 - Customer Panel from Randstad, Baylor University, and Ivanti shares use cases where IT Asset Management connects across IT disciplines on path to Unified IT ITAM is the cornerstone of many business initiatives, providing critical data and asset insights that can help improve service delivery, optimize cost, and reduce compliance risk. Listen to the expert customer panel discuss use cases and best practices of using IT Asset Management in conjunction with IT Service Management and Endpoint Management and Identity and Automation. 1 Hour Breakout Adam Jones
Arlen Beylerian
Michael Gonzales
David Mora
SITB220 - Customer Panel: Real Examples of the IT Transformation Journey Join us for a panel of customers in diverse industries to discuss real examples of IT transformation and how these organizations found success.  Our panelists will provide insights into key strategies that can be valuable to your organization and can provide useful strategy elements and tactics that can help accelerate the IT organization and the business into the future while helping your organization to reduce the risks and confusion often associated with this transformation.  We will also take questions from the audience for our panel to ensure you get the information you need from this discussion. 1 Hour Breakout Dan Lutter
Gary Mitchell
Paul Shikany
David Evans
Stephen Hoensch
SPS230 - Dataseti: Pushing Boundaries with Ivanti Service Manager

Topics we will cover in this session:

  • How to handle Conference Rooms - Quick Demo, talk about how we have used the solution to help Restaurant chains and Movie Theatre chains
  • Using Voice in Creative Ways - Ivanti Voice can do so much more than just answer calls and place them into queues.  Learn about some of the more interesting features of this product
  • Service Manager Techniques - Advanced and specialized workflow and picklists techniques.
  • Email Listeners can do more than you'd imagine - Quick demo, show basic listener and also workflows that can be used to assign Service, Category Issue, etc.
  • Make your emails pop! - Ways to make email notifications work for you
  • Integrating with IT Monitoring Tools - Using tools like Solar Winds to update your CI's or create incidents.
  • Customer Service - How Ivanti Service Manager makes customers happy.
1 Hour Breakout Randall Reed
Krystina Hodge
Chris Revelia
Jeffrey Bromberger
Chet Goodin
Daniel Davis
314156 - Day 2 Keynote Day 2 Keynote 75min Conference Activities Ken Miller
UWML600 - Deploying Group Policy Settings using Endpoint Manager integrated with Environment Manager Policy Hands-on experience with Endpoint Manager and Environment Manager as a working together to deploy and manage Group Policy objects in a dynamic and efficient manner to improve user acceptance. The lab will cover: - The advantages of using EM to manage Group Policies over traditional methods - How to save and deploy an EM configuration using Endpoint Manager - How to apply policy processing capabilities when devices are offline - How to apply Group Policies on different trigger points 1.25 Hours Lab Russell Bell
Michael Mitchell
UWML520 - Design the Future of User Workspace Manager with us An interactive design workshop where you can help us map out what the next generation of User Workspace Manager looks like. 2 Hours Lab Oliver Sills
Oliver Giordimaina
UEMB220 - Discovery and Display: You Have the Data—We'll Show You How to Show Your Results Discovery and Inventory are at the heart of everything we do in IT. Knowing the details about what you have makes all the difference in how you manage assets, security, services, and endpoints. In this session, we'll demonstrate how we're moving more discovery and inventory to the cloud or on-prem, if you prefer. Come see what's new with cloud-based discovery and learn more about agent state, Client Self-Electing Platform, ARP discovery, agentless discovery, and getting more insight into IoT and Linux devices. 1 Hour Breakout Rex McMillan
Ryan Worlton
UEML540 - Do Self Service Catalog Software Request the Unified IT Way This is a Unified IT Lab to help you build a Software Request solution with a real desired state. Learn how to configure Ivanti Endpoint Manager along with Ivanti Service Manager and bring it all together with Ivanti Automation. 2 Hours Lab William Addenbrooke
Denny Cannon
SMB220 - Enterprise Service Management: Sharing ITSM Practices and Platform Beyond IT Do other departments in your organization ask IT how you've improved your service delivery? Departments such as HR and Facilities also offer services that can be created, requested or updated. Discover how Ivanti Service Manager is used across the businesses for requests and more, all created and managed by non-technical staff. We’ll also address data segregation capabilities to ensure each departments' data is invisible to others, and more with examples from examples and case studies. 1 Hour Breakout Jeff Hance
David Martinez
Gordon Jarvis
Jessica Osborn
UWMB200 - File Director in a large Enterprise Environment – Customer Story Come and hear from one of our largest customers in the healthcare space about how they have successfully deployed File Director at scale, satisfying their key break/fix and Windows migration use cases. 1 Hour Breakout Oliver Giordimaina
Svetlana Dick
Kevin Mohr
Jason Tobias
SITB250 - Forrester: An Inside Look at the New Strategy of IT Forrester are a leading analyst firm covering the diverse IT markets globally and please join us in this session for unique insights into the transformation and strategic remake of the IT organization.  A senior Forrester analyst will provide valuable commentary based on in-depth Forrester research and the work performed by the Forrester analyst team with global clients.  Don't miss this fascinating Forrester commentary including specific recommendations to be taken back to your organization for immediate benefit. 1 Hour Breakout Bobby Cameron
SCL420 - Get hands-on with our advanced telemetry tools in the cloud Excited to work with our innovative security solutions? In this lab you'll connect an Ivanti on-prem patching product to Ivanti Cloud. Next, you'll harness the power of peer data to generate a level of intelligent analytics not possible in on-prem software. You'll also see how different personas in your organization can use this data to become more efficient and productive. 1.25 Hours Lab Robin Rowe
SCB140 - Go deep into easy and automated vendor risk management Any chink in your armor can put your organization at risk. Come hear our Ivanti Security team discuss how they assess vendor risk and use Ivanti solutions to manage it throughout the vendor life cycle. See for yourself how Ivanti Service Manager simplifies the process of onboarding and offboarding vendors, and check out the real-time insight we have into vendor risk enterprise-wide through our dashboards and comprehensive reporting tool. 1 Hour Breakout Brandon Streator
Kaleb Knobel
Lana Xaochay
314162 - Grab & Go Breakfast in the Interchange Solutions Center Grab & Go Breakfast in the Interchange Solutions Center 1 Hour Conference Activities
314164 - Grab & Go Lunch Grab & Go Lunch 45 min Conference Activities
UEML530 - Hands-On Dive into Agent Configurations and Technologies Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager manages devices after an agent has been deployed. This lab highlights agent configurations, settings, and best practices, with an emphasis on changes in the current version. We'll also go over new elements added to the agent in Endpoint Manager 2018.3. 1.25 Hours Lab Brady Brant
IMAL500 - Hands-on Integration with Automation This Lab Session is about integration. Ivanti Automation is the link between the various IT disciplines in order to exchange content and data in an automated way and to make IT much more effective. You will learn from where to get and install the required connectors and how simple it is to integrate Ivanti and third-party products to build a Unified IT approach. 2 Hours Lab James Szivos
SMB160 - Help Your Users Help Themselves: Tips and Best Practices for Turbocharging Your Self Service Have you lost control of your portal? Does it look confusing? Is the benefit to the business limited? Fear not, join us for an interactive journey through self-service. In this session we'll identify common pitfalls and good practices to help you unleash the full potential of your IT or enterprise service management digital ‘front face’. 1 Hour Breakout Lee Stafford
Tyler Spahr
AMB220 - How Data fuels your IT Asset Management solutions Learn how your different sources of asset data can be imported and consolidated to give you a holistic view of your asset information within Ivanti IT Asset Management. 1 Hour Breakout Mark Bastin
Marcel Shaw
AMB130 - How Ivanti can help you with Cloud SaaS Management You're probably paying too much for your SaaS application subscriptions. Learn how you can track actual usage and identify saving opportunities. 1 Hour Breakout Mark Devereux
Darren Wilensky
Dusan Omercevic
UWMB310 - Integrating User Workspace Manager and other Third Party Applications with Ivanti Automation Come and see the power of Automation in combination with User Workspace Manager. - Why Automate? Benefits and common tasks - How does Automation work? - Automating workflows and integrating with UWM - Live demo examples, including profile management 1 Hour Breakout Justin Thurlow
Adam Crossett
SMB190 - Integration Capabilities and Approaches with Ivanti Service Manager IT Service Management teams need quick access to relevant information from other tools to effectively diagnose and resolve issues. Plus, users and customer are increasingly using multiple platforms for communication and collaboration, putting more demands on IT. Come see the integration options available to you with Service Manager to help you stay connected. Join our team as they show you what’s available and examples of what others have done to extend the reach of their end-to-end automated processes. 1 Hour Breakout Alan Taylor
David Iannotti
SML400 - Introducing Ivanti Identity Director with Automation In this session you will see the power of Ivanti Automation. It is the engine of Identity Director but can also run stand alone. In this session you will learn the basic architecture and complete scheduling automation tasks. We will also dive into more advanced subjects as Parameters and Runbooks and how to create an high available load balanced environment. 1.25 Hours Lab Luis Dunn
James Szivos
SCB120 - Introducing Ivanti Security Controls Ivanti Security Controls brings together best-in-breed solutions from across the Ivanti security portfolio. Come to this session to learn about the patch management, privilege management, application control, and browser control features available in Ivanti Security Controls 2019.1 and discover what's coming next. 1 Hour Breakout David Murray
AML600 - Introduction to Data Services In this lab, we’ll show you the latest release of Data Services and how to consolidate many different sources of asset data to your Asset Manager implementation. 1.25 Hours Lab Marcel Shaw
Billy Nelson
IMAB100 - Introduction to Ivanti Identity Director and Ivanti Automation New technologies are transforming business, but they also are complicating IT’s ability to balance worker productivity and business security. Learn how Ivanti Identity Director helps organizations overcome this challenge with a policy-based approach that provides workers with the right access to the apps and resources they need, based on their identities. Hear how customers use Ivanti Automation with Identity Director to automate their onboarding and offboarding process, as well as with other Ivanti solutions to automate their infrastructure, cloud resources, and workspace processes. 1 Hour Breakout Matthew Kwiecinski
Luis Dunn
Andy Martinez
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